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Volume #2: A Young Nation (1765 - 1877)

1. Which to be? Tory or Patriot?
Choices, costs, benefits, consequences, incentives, opportunity costs

2. The American Revolution: One Tax Too Many
Local, state, and federal taxes

3. Why were the Colonies frustrated with England?
Taxes and trade restrictions

4. Writing the Constitution Was Hard
Costs and benefits, trade-offs

5. The Constitution: What Freedoms Did the Framers Want?
Economic freedom, costs and benefits, trade-offs, entrepreneurship

6. Lewis and Clark: Why Did They Go Exploring?
Costs and benefits, scarcity, opportunity cost, natural, capital, and human resources, incentives, trade

7. Inventors: Dreaming Up New Ideas
Inventors, entrepreneurs, producers, consumers, risk, profit, productivity, increasing productivity

8. How Eli Whitney Made Cotton King
Productivity, labor, capital resources, profit, loss

9. The Manufacturing North
Productivity, entrepreneurs, capital resources, profits

10. Supply and Demand Set the Farmer's Price
Income, profit, buyers, sellers, demand, supply, law of demand, law of supply, market price

11. The Changing Price of Cotton
Demand, supply, law of demand, law of supply, market price, changes in and demand and supply

12. On the Plantation
Choices, costs, benefits, consequences, incentives, economic freedom, voluntary exchange

13. Lincoln at Gettysburg
Opportunity cost, costs and benefits

14. The Pioneers Headed West
Choice, incentives, opportunity cost, costs and benefits

15. A Good Job for Government!
Taxes, role of government, goods and services provided by government, scarcity, opportunity cost

16. From Farms to Cities: The Amazing Farmers Mystery
Productivity, investment, human capital, real capital, technology

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