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Volume #3: The Twentieth Century

1. Edison and Walker: Inventors and Entrepreneurs
Inventors, entrepreneurs, incentives, cost of production, risk, profit, competition

2. Immigration: Most Everyone Came from Somewhere Else
Immigration, incentives, costs, benefits, unemployment, marginal benefits, income

3. Hull HouseŚCosts and Benefits of Industrialization & Mechanization
Incentives, services, unemployment, human capital, role of government, economic institutions

4. Prohibition: Unintended Consequences
Natural resources, capital resources, human resources, human capital, unintended consequences, decision-making

5. Henry Ford: How He Made Things Cheaper
Entrepreneurs, profit, loss, cost of production, fixed, variable, and average costs, productivity, specialization, division of labor, capital

6. The Stock Market Crash
Stocks, bonds, stock exchange, brokers, brokerage fee, prices determined by supply and demand

7. What Happens When the Banks Fail?
Saving, investment, entrepreneurship, banks, bank failures, barter, capital resources, opportunity cost, transportation, services

8. The Depression: People Wanted Jobs
Productivity, labor, capital resources, profit, lossEmployment, unemployment, depression, recession, slump, role of government, charity, mortgage

9. Eleanor Roosevelt: Working for People
Income, services, unemployment, incentives, role of government

10. Families in the Dust Bowl
Unemployment, scarcity, choices, costs, benefits, income, incentives, banks, bankruptcy

11. Looking Back at WW II: Incentives, Costs, Benefits, and Consequences
Choices, costs, benefits, incentives, disincentives, consequences (intended and unintended), human capital, opportunity cost, resources, labor, role of government

12. How Did WWII Affect Americans at Home?
Scarcity, resources, allocation, demand, incentives, price controls, rationing, substitutes, recycling, barter, role of government

13. Cesar Chavez: Hope for Migrant Workers
Producers, consumers, unemployment, Great Depression, labor unions, strike, benefits, human capital

14. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement
Choice, costs, incentives, unemployment, economic freedom

15. Rosie the Riveter: The Changing World of Work for Women 1900-2000
Labor, labor force, scarcity, economic freedom, wages, supply, demand, incentive, human capital, economic freedom

16. Globalization: Why Trade?
Producers, goods, services, resources (natural, capital and human), specialization, interdependence, trade, exports, imports, currency, exchange rates

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