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Adventures in The Stock Market

In twelve exciting lessons students in elementary and middle school learn about the stock market.  Each lesson opens with a list of basic concepts and national standards in economics and personal finance, followed by several hands-on activities.  Lessons also include closure questions, assessment activities, and an extension section with reinforcement activities such as references to relevant children’s literature, puzzles, and even songs to familiar tunes with words that describe the concepts.  Pre- and Post-Tests are included in the appendix, along with a glossary.

 Many teachers who use these lessons may be participating in an organized ten week simulation such as The Stock Market Game (http://www.smgww.org) or The Stock Market Simulation (http://www.nationalsms.com), so we have written some suggestions for those teachers in the appendix.   These excellent programs are enjoyed by thousands of teachers. If you have not done so, we encourage you to explore these options. Both programs engage students in online simulated trading with real prices.  In them, students compete with many other teams.  This competition lends added excitement to the experience—excitement that can spill over into other areas and really enhance the learning environment.  You will find that students will now have reasons to use "real-world" math skills.  They will have reasons to pay attention to the news.  They will have opportunities to use research skills before they make investments.  Also, when students operate in teams, they will learn skills in working together. 

 Thus, we hope these lessons will help students learn the importance of saving and investing for their futures.  We think they can also learn more about the role of business in the economy, as well as how the stock market helps businesses raise financial capital while letting small investors share in their success or failure.  Along the way, we are confident they will learn more about the economy as they practice math, research and decision-making skills.  And as a bonus, these activities add lots of excitement to the classroom.

The National Standards in Economics Correlated to Adventures in The Stock Market

The Stock Market Song Book

Letter Tiles Puzzle for Lesson 1 - How to Reach My Savings Goal

Word Search - Vocabulary in Lessons 1 - 2 - Starting to Save

Word Search - Vocabulary in Lessons 8 - 12

Double Puzzle for Lesson 5 - What Kind of Company?

Double Puzzle for Lesson 10 - Reduce Your Risk!

Word Puzzle for Lesson 10 - How Do Mutual Funds Work?


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