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There are some excellent K-12 economics lessons and resources online. Here are some of our favorites. Please let us know about any that you have found!

Ideas and Links to Use With Lessons in Volume 1
Ideas and Links to Use With Lessons in Volume 2
Fun Links We Thought You Would Enjoy

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Ideas and Links to Use With Lessons in Volume 1

The Pilgrims: Surviving in the New World

The Virginia Company: Would You Invest?
The Virginia Company

What Happened at Jamestown?
History of Jamestown
Pocahontas (site 1)
Pocahontas (site 2)

Artifacts from Jamestown

Timeline of Events Leading up to Jamestown

Life in the Jamestown Settlement

Exploring Their Choices: King James, Investors, Colonists, and Indians
Jamestown Biographies

Why Did They Trade?
Agricultural History

A Colonial Marketplace
A Timeline of Money in the "Time Machine"
History of U.S. Money

The Colonial Workers Web
Colonial Williamsburg
George Washington's Neighborhood
: Mount Vernon
Smithsonian Website: Why a Plantation

Apprenticeship: Developing Human Capital
Ben Franklin the Printer
Excerpts from Poor Richard's Almanac

Producing:  In the Past and In the Present
USDA Web Sites:
Agriculture and Math Fun
USDA State Offices

Life on the Farm

Current Farming


Ideas and Links to Use With Lessons in Volume 2

Which to be? Tory or Patriot?
Franklin's Cartoon

The American Revolution: One Tax Too Many
The Revolutionary Period

Why were the Colonies frustrated with England?
Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence

Writing the Constitution Was Hard
Ben's Guide

The Constitution: What Freedoms Did the Framers Want?
The Constitution
The Constitution and Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence and Constitution
Ben's Guide

Lewis and Clark: Why Did They Go Exploring?
Lewis and Clark: Mapping The West

Inventors: Dreaming Up New Ideas
Ben Franklin Inventor
Patent Office Site for Kids

How Eli Whitney Made Cotton King
Why a Plantation
The Cotton Gin
History of Cotton in New Orleans
History of Cotton
Eli Whitney

The Manufacturing North
Timeline for the Textile Industry

The Changing Price of Cotton
The Cotton Gin
History of Cotton in New Orleans
History of Cotton

On the Plantation
Harriet Tubman (Site 1)
Harriet Tubman (Site 2)
Slavery at Mt. Vernon
Louisiana Cotton Plantation

Lincoln at Gettysburg
Gettysburg Address
Historians Comment on Lincoln
Civil War Timeline
The Civil War

The Pioneers Headed West
Western Expansion
Choose the Kids Savings Calculator


Fun Links We Thought You Would Enjoy

Martha's List of Online Economics Lessons
Economics America
Search EconEdLink and Marco Polo
The History Channel: This Day in History
WayBack; U.S. History for Kidsl
Google Search for Kids and Teens: Social Studies: Economics
Economics Definitions and Background

Online Economics Lessons K-12

Rockingham County Public School - Social Studies
Rockingham County Public School - History


About American History

Timelines of American History
Are You An American History Guru?
Chart of the Presidents and VPs

Virginia Council on Economic Education

Virginia Historical Society


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